Delivering Value to Clients Across Multiple Industries

Industry Tailored Solutions

We bring a client-focused and responsive approach to deliver insights and value to clients, ranging from lower middle market to Fortune 500. Our team has worked with clients with enterprise values ranging from $10 million to $15 billion, with a combined enterprise value served of over $50 billion in 2022.
Energy and Resources
Industrialization and urbanization across the globe continue to drive the demand for energy and natural resources. Meanwhile, geopolitical issues, increasing demand for decarbonization, changing customer needs, and the persistent backdrop of digital disruption and innovation are contributing to change that industry participants cannot ignore.
Industrial Services and Manufacturing
Successful firms in the Industrial services and manufacturing industries are required to weather and respond to dynamic conditions relating to regulatory and safety requirements, attracting and retaining skilled labor, and the need for continuous technological innovation.
Consumer Products and Services
Historically, participants in these markets have dealt with intense competition, changes in consumer behavior, and changes in consumer confidence linked to disposable income levels. Recent time has added a mix of additional industry dynamics, including supply chain constraints and e-commerce cyber vulnerabilities.
Engineering, Procurement, and Construction
Similar to one of the larger markets served by EPC firms, the energy and resources industry, digital initiatives have become a focal point in driving crucial contracting risk and capital efficiency management. Government policies towards the reduction of carbon emissions and increasing renewable energy production, as well as the replacement of ageing infrastructure worldwide, are expected to present significant opportunities for industry participants moving forward.
Chemicals, Specialty Products, and Materials
Like many of the world’s manufacturing-oriented industries, the chemicals, specialty products, and materials industries have had their recent share of exposure to volatile energy prices and other input costs. Shifting global trade patterns, strategic M&A and industry consolidation, digital technology-driven portfolio optimization, and sustainable emissions reduction performance are expected to be industry participant focus areas in the coming years.
Transportation and Logistics
Companies in the transportation and logistics industry face significant challenges, including withstanding intense competition, keeping pace with rapid technological developments, remaining relevant in an increasingly global market, and anticipating and adapting to regulatory changes.
I turned to Tall Oaks Partners for valuation services during a fluid situation, in which I wasn’t fully knowledgeable of all necessary steps to complete the task. Robert and Chris brought calm, level-headed advice that immediately provided clarity on the path forward. Execution of that plan was seamless. They are, and will continue to be, my first call for advisory projects.”
- Thomas Fitz, CFO at Brigham Exploration